This Is What Will Happen in the Next Billion Years (By RealLifeLore)

There are advertisements of Squarespace, just ignore them. If human can manage the fusion inside the sun and the natural activity on the earth (Kardashev Scale), we can avoid many tragedies maybe??


Commercialised media and decline of STEM careers

In the last post, I analysed how natural rules of the society make STEM careers not attractive to young people. Free market doesn't restrict the work of natural economic rules, which sets price of each career only according to its popularity among the public. Government should compose laws to increase the salary of STEM careers …

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Free market to blame for unsatisfying salary of STEM careers

The salary, or to say income, of each type of career is decided by economic law. As a free market economic world, the income depends on a basic economic law called "supply-demand balance". If we take careers as merchandise on the market, we can see that the popular "products" can earn more than those less …

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Why Robots Could Be Human

This is a really good article expressing an opinion that I agree

The Conversation Room

Author: Jonny Scott


Robots are taking over the world! Run! But where? I’m scared!

We hear a lot of crazy talk nowadays about robot dominance, endangerment of the human race and life being one big computer simulation. But is it all crazy? Or is there anything we can learn from it? Let’s pretend we’re scientists and try figure it out.


We’ve probably all heard of the universal simulation theory. The theory goes that we’re all players in a video game. Call that game, “life”. As players, we have gained consciousness. Every player operates within the boundaries of the game but some players are more conscious than others. Just like in video games, there are random life forms that are just there to make the environment seem more realistic. The more dominant players have the most consciousness. Consciousness is control over our actions. It’s freedom, or at least, the…

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Elite Students, Top Universities, Brexit and Donald Trump

I personally don't admire those extremely excellent students with excellent experiences and excellent leadership, whom are the favourite elite students wanted by those famous top academies in the world. Some people may think I write this because of being jealous. Actually, no. Today most of the parents want to foster their children as a teenage …

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Science, technology and commercialization

In my last post, I randomly talked about why most of young students have no interest studying STEM subjects/degrees or being scientists/engineers. I blamed a little bit about our over-commercialized society. Yes, our society obeys too much about what is called “natural market” or “supply-demand balance”. In this post, I am going to talk about more about …

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Why STEM subjects don’t attract young students?

Governments around the world are advocating a slogan: “We need more young people to study STEM” (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). However, it seems the result of this call is not so satisfying. Young people today don’t have such a passion on studying science and technology, as the previous generations had during 1960s to 1980s after …

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