The countries that control finance, energy and information are true governors of the world; because every other industry is based on these three technologies.


Random thoughts on Manchester attack

Our society is so weak in the past few years; we have never been so patient to those who are threatening public security. Most of people only know that they should show their sympathy to victims, but don’t have the voice to punish the terrorists! What is called “human rights” and “tolerance” are only applicable to those who deserve it, instead of every one in the world; our tolerance can not reclaim the group who have narrow ideas about our society. The only efficient way is brutal punishment and the regain of cruel death penalty to a certain group of people. And the trial and execution should be public so that it can bring the awe to those who will potentially threaten the country. Kindness is not the common character of people; but servility is!

Meanwhile, our technology for safety seems only aim at ordinary people but useless for true terrorists. A reasonable idea is to compromise personal privacy and share some data of the society to social information tech companies which should be in co-operation with government to detect the potential terrorists; and social network and other information tech companies should shut down their service in certain countries, or even innovate new technologies to disturb the communication signals in those places. Anyway, it is the time that we should withdraw our human rights, tolerance and privacy from those uncivilised people!

Terrorists don’t want us become omniscient authoritarian society; they want us change our culture and living style into theirs. Francisco Franco dictated Spain for 39 years, but prevented Spain from being red and made Spain an economic power again (27% annual increase of production for 14 years). Sometimes we need autocracy to protect freedom.

We should talk less about doctrine (whether he or she is nazist or communist) but think more about solution of problems. If there had been no Franco but a leader supported by Soviet Union, do you think Spain would have freedom? It would have become countries such as Poland, Romania etc. during 1950s to 1980s with restrictions of thinking from communists. And you can see even after 25 years of restoring, Eastern countries are still less developed than Spain, East Germany is still poorer than West Germany. Freedom is always relative not absolute. Absolute freedom tolerates evil ideas as well. Terrorists also have the freedom to ask for being tolerated by avoiding death penalty. If so, our safety is always under threat. I don’t think freedom without safety is the freedom we want.

We do need to be tolerant and warmhearted. But we also need to take strict management and punishment in terms of those who have the potential to mess up a developed and peaceful society. When talking about punishing the criminals and terrorists, human rights are not supposed to take into consideration. The more brutal, the better. Many “human rights fighter” think this method will make those who want to become terrorists more hostile to the major society; humans have equivalent rights to be alive. Indeed, it is not. Brutal punishment, if can be extremely bloody, is a good lesson telling the result of threatening public security. I do insist that western society should give up what is called “human rights” to those who are threatening out safety. The true human right tolerance is to protect major group and kind people, instead of everyone without filtering. And it is a foolish method to be over tolerant to terrorists and less-civilised refugees but extremely strict to the immigration who have high education diploma and technical ability.

Rue de Strasbourg, Luxembourg

Those who are excellent won’t make a history; because they become “excellent” by obeying the rules made by others. Those who are not so excellent, however, may create a wonder because they are creating their own rules and let others to fit in.

Late April 2017

(P.S Just thought of Steve Jobs when I wrote this. If we hadn’t known he was so great, just having a look at his behaviours and thinking, we might have thought he was so rubbish)

The “genius” in Silicon Valley call up all students should learn programming. But actually, it doesn’t mean computer or AI will take over the jobs from other types of engineers. The truth is those IT companies are in deed of more programmers for themselves! Engineers, such as mechanical, electrical and aerospace engineers, will never be taken over by what is called “AI”. Up till now, all “AI” companies are using computers. However, as long as a computer can be programmed, it is indeed still doing repeated tasks instead of creativity. Before figuring out how our brain works, there is no true AI existing.

18 May 2017

The point to distinguish human from other animals is that human can be aware of controlling their natural behaviours as a kind of animal.

Feb 2017