About Me

I left China to study in Swansea, Wales, UK 4 years ago and now I am living in England. In 2017, I graduated with a First in BEng Mechanical Engineering from the university. Unfortunately, however, I can’t regard myself as a successful mechanical engineering student; because shortly after the second year, I was aware that physics and programming are more interesting for me. So I decided to learn quantum physics, plasma physics, astrophysics and C++ programming by myself in spare time. I am now trying to find an entrepreneurial idea about how to combine the scientific/technological knowledge with political activities.


  • The popularization of IT gives us an illusion that science and technology have progressed a lot since 30 years ago; but indeed, the physical world has been stagnant since then. So we need more scientific and technological research and progression on physics, chemistry, mathematics and engineering fields other than computer science and software engineering;
  • Advanced technology must not be in hand of evil political powers; instead, they should be eliminated by advanced technology by advanced political powers.