Elite Students, Top Universities, Brexit and Donald Trump

I personally don’t admire those extremely excellent students with excellent experiences and excellent leadership, whom are the favourite elite students wanted by those famous top academies in the world. Some people may think I write this because of being jealous. Actually, no. Today most of the parents want to foster their children as a teenage genius. For example, you can see many kids in the USA have won many international prizes for mathematics, science or art just in order to get them admitted by IVY leagues. And they also participate in many team sports and being the captains of them just in order to show they have leadership, which is wanted by elite universities. This education style, in my opinion, is linked with two political earthquakes: Brexit and Mr. Donald Trump as the American president. These type of issues happened unexpectedly, indicating a fact that most people are unwilling to recognize: those elite students which are regarded as elites of this society are not qualified or capable leaders of the society. In other words, those elites students are not true elite which can contribute to the society as the educators expected.

Now let’s figure out the chain of logic. First of all, let’s have an observation of those extremely excellent elite students who got accepted by IVY, Oxbridge etc. Most of the students admitted by these top universities are like “versatile genius”. They are top students in terms of mathematics, science or technology; they have the opportunities to give speech in important conferences and are deemed as the future stars; they are active in voluntary campaigns in Africa, South Asia and Latin America; they are top teenage pianists and hold their personal concerts; finally, they are team captains in sports or other activities to show off their leadership. In short, those students who have been accepted by elite universities are stars in the views of parents and educators and they will be the leaders of the future society. However, if we have a retrospect of the past century, we will find that most of the students that were regarded as “future leaders” were indeed working as senior managers working for those “true leaders” at their time.

I think the most famous examples for this point of view are Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs. How to define leaders? We can not simply say those who earn huge quantity of money or who are working as senior managers of a company or senior officials of government; we should say that those lead us exploring a new field of technology, science, social culture or politics are true leaders of this world. It means that the leaders are mostly creative and rebellious; and most of this kind of people were and are not recognized by contemporary crowds. Edison left school in his childhood, and Steve Jobs – if unfortunately Jobs had been living in current society, his behaviours and thoughts could have made him directly ruled out from elite universities because he was “not a versatile genius” nor “a student with remarkable experiences of leadership”. But now we regard Steve Jobs as a technological and social leader just because he gave us a new view of information technology, industrial design and commercial form. This is the true leader of the world. But how about those elite students? As far as I know, the students who are embraced by countless honours from their educators or society with the praise of “creativity” are just making some decorations to the existed stuff; to be more ironical, they are not creative at all. Those true creative kids might be criticized by with description such as “harsh”; at least, those top universities can not get a formula to judge whether they are elites or not. If a “genius” can be judged by a fixed formula, he or she is just not a “genius” but only a smart excellent student. No creativity, no leadership. Smart students can be good managers, but can not be leaders.

The next step is the vanity of elite students. Because they are showered in honours, prizes and praises for a long time, they tend to get two types of psychological conditions: first of all, they have vanity, and often do something just on the purpose to win honours and reputations for them; second, they dare not to face new stuff. Elite students want to get in the elite universities, so they have to find the standard of their admission. Do you believe that they learn and do everything just want to be more useful to this society? If you believe it, you are too simple. They are just trying their best to fit in the admission criteria (the formulae of admission); in the elite students’ own words, this process is called “be the best myself”. Personally, I think this saying is awful. One man should be useful to the society first, they talk about “the best myself”; and to do something, you have to find the suitable and optimized methods instead of what is called “be my best” etc. Those elite kids want to be the best themselves just to get into top universities. Then after a while they will be confused why they want to be the best; how does “being excellent” make sense? The next portion of their behaviour is that they tend to study only few courses in the universities, such as law, literature, economics or medical science then being a doctors etc (I don’t have any sense of diminishing these courses or careers). Because they have been called “elite” in the past 20 years of their life, so they choose these careers just because these careers are regarded as elites of our society. And they dare not to study or do new things because staying where they are is the best way to stay “excellent” – who knows whether they can do the best again once they move to a new field? And this phenomenon results in the next but most serious scenario: the elite students are narrow-sighted!

As I analyzed in the past paragraph, they are only focused on few subjects and careers, they become careless about other parts of the society; and afterwards they become elaborate and selfish, because they only care about their own life and future prospect. And the most terrible scene is that once they get into top universities, they are only interacting with the kids who are same as themselves! They will start a race about good reputations and honours being an elite students; they only know how their same-typed peers think about the world.

Until now, we can safely conclude that the education which wants to select elites from the crowds are indeed selecting those who are selfish, utilitarian, timid and narrow-sighted smart senior managers, instead of social leaders. They pay more attention to their reputation as elites but don’t have methods nor courage to be practical. I have a good American friend who is a black guy. Once a time he complained with me about those elites who graduated from elite universities: “Mate, they always advocate ‘political correctness’, such as ‘racial equality’ and ‘immigration welcome’, just because they still want to win a good reputation as a social elite; but they never want to have a look at our black people’s districts and they will never live in Bronx, New York!” Leaders do everything for society; they want to improve the condition of our society and see the future direction where we should go. But those selfish elite students just want to keep their reputation as elites. Politically correct slogans can give them the fame as “humanism”, “environmentalist” and “tolerance”. But they never want to or be able to land on the ground to see how on earth should we figure the problem”; some elites just want to welcome more refugees just because they want to be praised as a tolerant politicians; but how could these refugees fit into the society and resolve the cultural conflicts and what if native people are bothered by new comers, they tend to ignore these problems or just slightly state “human right is above anything”; they are always claiming that “globalization” is the future but never consider about how people in different countries with various development level and industrial structure will deal with the problems brought by globalization. In addition, because of their narrow-sightedness, they have no idea about how most crowds of ordinary people in the country think and do; they don’t have idea about how the society runs practically. As a result, most of people had been fed up with those beautiful slogans (or even more harshly speaking, lies) spoken from the mouths of elites in 2016. No matter how those famous experts, politicians, entertainment stars and media warned the “bad results” of Brexit, British people drove this country out of the EU; few months later, no matter how Hollywood stars, famous professors or elites in the USA claimed their opposing of Donald Trump, American people sent him to the White House. If Macron and Merkel are still sticking to those slogans and actions that can bring them elite reputations, French and German people will remove them in the future as well. And we can not rule of the possibility that Marine Le Pen will become next French president 5 years later!

The mainstream media describe Brexit and Donald Trump as the failure of globalization; indeed, they are failures of our education that is always wanting to find and foster elite students!

16:06 18 June 2017

Just before going to 

Summer Ball of Swansea University


We have been kidnapped by what is called “political correctness” for so long time. And it leads to the abuse of humanity and kindness.

The countries that control finance, energy and information are true governors of the world; because every other industry is based on these three technologies.

Random thoughts on Manchester attack

Our society is so weak in the past few years; we have never been so patient to those who are threatening public security. Most of people only know that they should show their sympathy to victims, but don’t have the voice to punish the terrorists! What is called “human rights” and “tolerance” are only applicable to those who deserve it, instead of every one in the world; our tolerance can not reclaim the group who have narrow ideas about our society. The only efficient way is brutal punishment and the regain of cruel death penalty to a certain group of people. And the trial and execution should be public so that it can bring the awe to those who will potentially threaten the country. Kindness is not the common character of people; but servility is!

Meanwhile, our technology for safety seems only aim at ordinary people but useless for true terrorists. A reasonable idea is to compromise personal privacy and share some data of the society to social information tech companies which should be in co-operation with government to detect the potential terrorists; and social network and other information tech companies should shut down their service in certain countries, or even innovate new technologies to disturb the communication signals in those places. Anyway, it is the time that we should withdraw our human rights, tolerance and privacy from those uncivilised people!

Terrorists don’t want us become omniscient authoritarian society; they want us change our culture and living style into theirs. Francisco Franco dictated Spain for 39 years, but prevented Spain from being red and made Spain an economic power again (27% annual increase of production for 14 years). Sometimes we need autocracy to protect freedom.

We should talk less about doctrine (whether he or she is nazist or communist) but think more about solution of problems. If there had been no Franco but a leader supported by Soviet Union, do you think Spain would have freedom? It would have become countries such as Poland, Romania etc. during 1950s to 1980s with restrictions of thinking from communists. And you can see even after 25 years of restoring, Eastern countries are still less developed than Spain, East Germany is still poorer than West Germany. Freedom is always relative not absolute. Absolute freedom tolerates evil ideas as well. Terrorists also have the freedom to ask for being tolerated by avoiding death penalty. If so, our safety is always under threat. I don’t think freedom without safety is the freedom we want.

We do need to be tolerant and warmhearted. But we also need to take strict management and punishment in terms of those who have the potential to mess up a developed and peaceful society. When talking about punishing the criminals and terrorists, human rights are not supposed to take into consideration. The more brutal, the better. Many “human rights fighter” think this method will make those who want to become terrorists more hostile to the major society; humans have equivalent rights to be alive. Indeed, it is not. Brutal punishment, if can be extremely bloody, is a good lesson telling the result of threatening public security. I do insist that western society should give up what is called “human rights” to those who are threatening out safety. The true human right tolerance is to protect major group and kind people, instead of everyone without filtering. And it is a foolish method to be over tolerant to terrorists and less-civilised refugees but extremely strict to the immigration who have high education diploma and technical ability.

Rue de Strasbourg, Luxembourg